What is cold pressed dog food and how does it differ from other dry (standard) dog foods?

Cold-pressed means the food is cooked very quickly at a temperature (in the case of Pure Dog, 50c), without the use of high temperatures or steam. This allows a lot more of the essential nutrients in the ingredients to remain intact, producing a more natural product. Our product also differs from other dry (standard) dog foods in as much as it is Grain free/Rice free/Gluten free/GM free/Suitable for all ages and breeds and free from Artificial Preservatives, Flavourings, Sugars and Colours.

Can you tell us about the process of making cold pressed dog food and how the process keeps the good stuff in?

The cold-pressed method means that the ingredients are mixed together with cold water and then pressed under low heat treatment for a very short time. This very low temperature of 50c ensures the preservation of nutrients , especially those of the oils. Low temperature cold-pressing ensures that free radicals, which can put a strain on the dog’s metabolism and damage skin and coat health, are not produced. Cold-pressed food releases nutrients more slowly and dissolves from the outside in (unlike baked foods), and also guards against the risk of gastric dilation-volvulus syndrome (bloat). Due to the particularly gentle production, and the absence of preservatives, the shelf life of this food, when stored in un-opened bags, is limited to 12 months.

Does the cold pressed process mean the dog food is as like a raw diet as you can get but in dry food form?

Cold pressed dog food is a very useful alternative for those who want to feed a raw complete natural diet but prefer the convenience of a dry food. Or, you can feed it as part of a raw diet as it breaks down easily in the same area of the digestive system as raw food and therefore doesn’t expand in your dog’s stomach.

I can see your diet is grain free. Is this typical of a cold pressed dog food? If not, why did you decide to make your food grain free also?

Not all cold-pressed food is grain-free,  however Pure Dog believes there are positive health benefits to being so.

Grains are generally used as inexpensive fillers to create bulk and keep down costs. Dogs have little natural digestive support for breaking down and metabolizing complex carbohydrates and cereal grains, which remain undigested, relying on fermentation to break them down. Over a long period of time, this can damage the lining of the digestive system, resulting in bowel inflammation disorders, food sensitivities, food allergies, leaky gut and obesity.

Some benefits include, more energy, healthier skin, shinier coat, better breath, reduced flatulence, less shedding.

Is there anything dog owners should be aware of if/when switching from a different diet to cold pressed because of how the food breaks down differently to other diets when consumed? (i.e are they likely to have different habits or drink more/less etc)

Don’t go “cold turkey” when switching from grain-based to grain-free. Slowly introduce grain-free and higher protein dog food by mixing it in a little at a time. Gradually increase the amounts over a period of weeks to allow your dog’s digestive system to adjust.

Where are your products sourced from?

The raw material to make Stagbars is sourced from naturally shed deer antler within the EU. We do not import from the USA and Asia. Pure Dog’s Wholesome Meal in a Bag, Wholesome Meal in a Tin and Natural Snacks range are made from European meats.

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